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Mighty 1 Junk Removal Wisconsin
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Junk Removal Service

Whether you are remodeling your home or simply need a certain thing hauled away because it’s become too old and needs to be replaced, we are there to ensure that your old junk will get disposed of properly and safely. Our professionally trained crew will arrive on site and remove a variety of different things such as appliances, fencing, carpet, and much more to provide a clean slate for something new. If something is beginning to fall apart, becoming drab and old, is taking up too much space, or if you simply want to replace it just because, we’re here to make the beginning of that process quick and easy.

We provide these services for a variety of different things in your home or building including:

Junk Removal Junk
Carpet Removal Carpet
Appliance Removal Appliances
Furniture Removal Furniture
Deck Cleanup Decks
Patio Cleanup Patios
Drywall Cleanup Drywall
Playground Cleanup Playgrounds

Wood Flooring Removal Wood Flooring
Debris Removal Debris
Pool Cleanup Removal Pools
Fence Removal Fencing
Shed Removal Sheds & More
Demolition Services Demolition Services
Event / Festival Cleanup Event & Festival Cleanup
One Stop Removal Just About Everything

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